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52-52A Dendy Street, Brighton

Notice from the Developer : Creative By Earl.St

Orleans draws strings from contemporary and historical design elements, tying them together to deliver a collection of timeless homes. Addressing the corners of Dendy and Butler Street with grandiosity, the homes are fronted by a highly articulate façade.

Across the external areas, porcelain tile cladding softens chamfered angles and recessed voids, each home possessing its own subtly unique identity. Beyond this stately façade exists a stylish assembly of internal spaces – each one afforded with practical spatial planning, customised materials and bespoke detailing.


When Merrylees Architecture envisioned this inspired project, the empowerment of its future occupants was precedence. Influenced by rhythm, verticality and neo-classical architecture, a modern interpretation of history exists in Orleans. Natural light is a priority in all of Merrylees’ projects, a feature that is highly evident in these residences, where it is provided in abundance. Unique of any building in the Brighton area, Orleans was designed to be distinctive, and a home to feel proud of.


Jane Merrylees is a Melbourne-based architect and the revolutionary mind behind Orleans’ meticulous and instinctive design. Having garnered over 15 years experience working across high-end residential and large-scale commercial projects, she follows the firm philosophy that spaces should serve their occupants – not the other way around. In each and every project she crafts, she aims to exceed the expectation of the brief, with a focus on delivering unique, innovative results.

Calm, warm and aesthetically compelling, Orleans’ interior spaces are consistent with the design details introduced on the façade. Boasting premium finishes amid a neutral palette, there is an aura of comfortable luxury in these homes. At the entrance, huge voids sit above ribbon stairwells, funnelling light sparingly down to the lower levels. Considered features, including spacious basements, operable metal louvered blinds and tinted metal screens, instil the utmost practicality and ease of living.

Through Orleans’ living areas, marble veneers achieve an undeniable opulence, having been carefully selected for their enduring aesthetic. This materiality is paired artfully with timber, adding a texture of homeliness to the otherwise lavish indoors. Bathrooms and bedrooms invite natural light to create places of sanctuary, alongside well-equipped kitchen areas that transform daily rituals into moments of culinary glory.